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Pregnancy Gift Box for Expecting and First Time Moms

Pregnancy Gift Box for Expecting and First Time Moms

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Expecting a baby or has a loved one who is? Our pregnancy essential gift set contains all that a pregnant mama needs to get through pregnancy discomforts. Contains:

- A pair of nausea bands to combat nausea and vomiting without the use of medications that can be harmful to the growing baby

- Pregnancy support belt to relieve and prevent lower back pain and pubic symphysis discomfort in pregnancy

- Relaxing lavender eye mask (can be used warm by reheating for a few seconds in the microwave)

- A pregnancy folder and pen for your essential pregnancy notes

- Kegel balls to keep those pelvic muscles in good shape! essential to prevent urinary incontinence and prolapse of pelvic organs due to pregnancy

- Essential oils for relaxation and massage as well as a spray bottle to keep your favourite oils in for a quick pick me up when you want it

- Eco friendly reusable pad to keep you dry and comfortable from the natural increased discharge of pregnancy

All packed in a beautiful box which can be used to store essential baby memories and delivered in our luxurious gift bag. Look no further for the perfect pregnancy gift for all expecting mums!

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